Tech is expanding at speed of a sprinter — all web users running their business online (who own a web page, web service, e‑commerce store, an app) should have the possibility of maximizing the speed and security of their e‑ventures.

For our peace of mind and for the com­fort of our clients, we devel­oped Titans24 plat­form. The idea encom­pass­es the phys­i­cal serv­er archi­tec­ture with hi-end tech and the expe­ri­ence of our IT spe­cial­ists. With T24, we can con­ve­nient­ly run and main­tain your web ser­vice, so that it has:

  • the always online sta­tus. Embrace the high avail­abil­i­ty of your ser­vice ( ~100% SLA when con­di­tions are met)
  • high­est cybersecurity
  • a sys­tem admin, who updates and over­sees your ser­vice regularly
  • safe and encrypt­ed con­nec­tion with your web­site for the users (SSL certificate)
  • real-time sta­tus and resource use monitoring
  • month­ly reports that come in handy
  • 11 lay­ers of cybersecurity
  • a spa­cious SSD dri­ve appli­ca­tion serv­er that runs fast
  • GDPR/RODO com­pli­ance
  • CI/CD appli­ca­tion devel­op­ment system
  • Cloud­flare secu­ri­ty for all applications