Check if you are GDPR-ready

by | 22 May, 2018 | Cyber­se­cu­ri­ty, GDPR

Is your business RODO-ready? See for yourself

Audyt prawny i IT to pierwszy krok do RODO Compliance

While expand­ing Titans24 we have learned, that the right tech­nol­o­gy is fun­da­men­tal to data secu­ri­ty. As busi­ness own­ers are occu­pied with the legal imple­men­ta­tion of RODO, we notice that they often over­look the nec­es­sary tech­no­log­i­cal pre­pared­ness that should go along with it

Whether it’s before the intro­duc­tion of RODO or after the process, each organ­i­sa­tion should per­form a data analy­sis to iden­ti­fy weak entry points, fol­lowed by a cyber­se­cu­ri­ty plan to for­ti­fy such. Dig­i­tal threats out there are real. KPMG’s report indi­cat­ed that 82% of Pol­ish busi­ness­es have iden­ti­fied at least one hack­ing attempt in 2017. Because of such hacks, 44% com­pa­nies from the pool suf­fered notice­able finan­cial loss­es. The aver­age clean-up costs for dig­i­tal breach­es reach from 20 to 60 thou­sand złotys*

What your RODO auditor should ask:

Before the audit, busi­ness own­ers should recon­sid­er their means of stor­ing and pro­cess­ing data. They need to think clear­ly about all the “dig­i­tal points” with doc­u­ment scans or employ­ee or part­ner infor­ma­tion that are out there some­where. Their dig­i­tal secu­ri­ty employ­ees and them­selves should pon­der upon sev­er­al key questions:

  • Can we iden­ti­fy where our data is held?
  • Who was grant­ed access to that bank and how they can process it?
  • What hap­pens in case of a serv­er crash or a dig­i­tal breach?
  • Do we have a back-end sys­tem in place to push servers back up and to recov­er our data?

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